2010-04-16 11:33:00 by preffertobedead

Hi guys, sorry i'm not posting music lately, i moved to Buenos Aires for a work proyect, i'm actually programming games of EA Games with an Outsourcer Company named Globant, working here is pretty fun, especially because i have an XBOX 360 and a PS3 to play with LOL, due to this moving situation i don't have my electric piano, i'm staying in a tiny apartment upon september T_T. But in a few months i'l be back to my coast to come back to college,

Cya !

It makes me fucking sick.

I Fucking hate you valentine's

i uploaded a demo of something new today, nothing fancy, but hey, can't forget old NG.

i have been really busy being completely lazy and doing practically nothing... don't know what's wrong with me, my psychologist says i'm a schizoid so...yeah...weird.

Go Back in Time


So after i accepted 3 different proyects as a freelance developer while i work at a private enterprise, i had to stay awake like to 4.30 am watching boring code and drinking coffee to finish within the times.

I finished the proyects (a shopping cart in php, a static institutional website and a simple CMS system in .net) like a month ago, and i STILL HAVEN'T SEEN A CENT, one of the clients doesn't answer the cellphone, and the other one LIES IN MY FACE TELLING ME HE IS NOT IN THE CITY ATM, i never had to menace with a server shutdown but i guess that with this stupid crisis i'l have to be a lil bit more aggresive for getting THA MONEY.

Well after this stupid story i'l leave you with a new song i made fastly.

Violent Approach

never saw mah piano skills , OMFG, me fooling around in the piano.

Hope you enjoy...the song...not the video lol.

/* */

By reviewing some old code of an old app i was assigned to solve i found the most weirdest way of thoughts..

$t = 5; /* set auxiliar/*

$img = mt_rand(0, 15); /* get random image */
}while ($t>0)

of course there was an array with images declared in another php file..but i still was intricated of why such a fancy way of picking this random way of making an image to be chosen with such a stupid algorithm..so i mailed the original enterprise that developed it and the original programmer answered.

"it makes it more random in that way because... it's done 5 times !" (written in a mood of.... IM SUCH A SMART ASS)

Somehow...after i readed this answer..i founded out why this proyect was loading so GOD DAMN SLOW..

there is no need to copy all the AWFUL CODE i founded later in the app...

I uploaded something !

2008-08-10 17:39:35 by preffertobedead

Altough i have been NOT UPLOADING things..i still have a lot of songs in which im working..but i don't think this ones will be posted @ NG , anyways..songs like Speed Beast 2 will be posted here...the other songs in which im working have the feel more likely "Over Done" which is the only song of myself that doesn't give me a headache.

Been busy with work and stuff and trying to catch a girl from college..

OH...just like a story to tell...i went to the CASINO last weekend and i made a bet at the roulette (first time i played)..i bet $5 to the "14"..and I WON $175 !! ..which is almost nothing but...WTF i bet $5 bucks, first time and i won $175 !..i never felt so lucky.

Well, cheers...im really curious about who will read this...

Speed Beast 2

2008-03-28 01:08:57 by preffertobedead

Im working on Speed Beast 2 !!... The Jazz proyect is taking damn too long because im with work and university and stuffffffffffffffffffffffff..

Did you liked the first one? ; )


2008-02-10 17:04:27 by preffertobedead

Right now im working in a big Jazz proyect which will has his own web page, when it's finished it will be posted, and the songs will be in NewGrounds but just with a lower quality ;) .

Anyways, i still keep submitting stuff to newgrounds and i still feel the most zero-voted one on this community...

In other news check my two last songs in which i spend some time late at nights:

Escape From Yourself
Anaconda by API [Remake]

Thank you for cooperating.

States of mind

2008-01-19 18:27:23 by preffertobedead

I have been pretty violent this last weeks and sleeping a lot. Im still against the whole world. Some day i will kill some1..

=) .

My real name is Santiago Sotomayor and here at NewGrounds i just submit my music..

i studied Piano and im influenced by some electronica...hope u like my music...